Monday, July 17, 2006

More balls

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At the pool table

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Some more flowers

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Sunday, July 09, 2006


Took 3 of them in coorg..(amazing place....a must see for everybody specially for scenic fans)
ok so here goes the details:

exposure time: 1/200 sec
aperture: f/3.2

exposure time: 1/20 sec
aperture: f/2.8

Pic3:(this one is taken on the teraace..part of mom's terrace garden)
exposure time: 1/250 sec
aperture: f/10

exposure time: 1/50 sec
aperture: f/5.2

Friday, June 23, 2006

Water Drops

Took these pics on the terrace a few days back all thanks to the monsoons!!!

The details:

Pic 1:
Tried taking the splashin water drops on the floor

exposure time: 1/15 sec
aperture: f/5.2

Pic 2:
Wanted that single drop hangin to the twig

exposure time: 1/20 sec
aperture: f/5.2

Pic 3:
The drops were like falling in sync

exposure time: 1/200 sec
aperture: f/5.2

Pic 4:
This is the best of the four.....actually wanted to get the drop while it was fallin but this one too has come out good.

exposure time: 1/40 sec
aperture: f/5.2

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Moon upclose

Took these at midnight first attempt with a tripod...the first one was taken normally and the rest two in sepia effect.
The details :

pic 1 :
exposure time: 2 sec
aperture: f/5.2

pic 2:
exposure time: 1.6 sec
aperture: f/5.2

pic 3:
exposure time: 1 sec
aperture: f/5.2

Vizag Waves

Took these pics on the beach the tide seemed high that day...followed abhinav's suggestion clickin at was a little before dawn....ok here is the details of each pic..

pic 1:
exposure time: 1/250
aperture: f/5.2

pic 2:
exposure time: 1/200
aperture: f/5.2

pic 3:
exposure time: 1/60
aperture: f/10
(the effect of the wave looks different by decreasin exposure time and increasin aperture)

pic 4:
exposure time: 1/250
aperture: f/4.5

Saturday, June 03, 2006


Gaurav: Took this one on the terrace with a sony digicam in macro mode...dont think it came out as good as i expected...the flower isnt totallly in focus.
( plz do comment....expecting some comments on this one)

Simply Amazin!!!

Gaurav: Found this pic from our jaisalmer trip pics...liked the background effect alot.
(PS:pplo plz plz do comment on the pics....just write wat ever u feel abt the could be anythin..u liked or not....or wether u agree with the already posted comments or not)

Monday, May 22, 2006


This pic was taken about the same time.I liked the rays showing out from the clouds.
The 'settings' were the same as below.


This pic was taken last summer....i love the landscape in this one.
Didn't use any manual settings though.
Used a sony digi cam in automatic mode.

Thursday, May 18, 2006


Dusk- The best time for photography..
The light just around sunset is the best for photography as its neither too bright nor too dark and brings out the best results. Using a low aperture means very low depth of field which gets rid of the extra unnecessary details.

Settings :
Shutter Speed : 1/194 sec
Aperture : F4.8
Camera : FujiFilm 2800 ZOOM Posted by Picasa


This snap was taken with the following settings :
Shutter Speed : 1/64 sec
Aperture : 2.8
Camera : FujiFilm 2800 ZOOM (Digital)
Clicker : Tullu

What I really love about this snap is its simplicity.. But this dosnt mean that the snap was simple... It took over an hour and over 40 exposures to get this result.. This is one of my favourites. The natural shades of red, orange and yellow make this shot come alive.